The Company believes that it can help those charged with the responsibility for energy management who do not always have the necessary understanding and skills to organise effective metering and data collection.

The majority of potential customers know that they need a solution to the metering and data collection necessary for effective energy management, but there is no clear consensus about how to achieve this. The creation of a meter data collection system is an extremely challenging proposition for managers whose range of expertise does not normally encompass

  • detailed knowledge of a wide range of legacy metering systems generally in situ;
  • the specification and installation of specialised data communication hardware;
  • the selection, installation and integration of additional secondary meters;
  • the installation of a range of specialised data communications technologies;
  • the expertise to build and maintain a sophisticated software database;
  • the knowledge of software development in order to provide the data analysis required.

In offering a fully managed service, Coherent Research removes the requirement for the customer to implement and control a complex software system. The Coherent data collection software automatically collects the necessary data from the customers’ meters and generates management reports. The customer need only specify the reports required and access any required detailed meter readings through the Coherent web server.

Coherent Research can also supply a comprehensive range of data communications solutions so that its customers do not have to deal with many different suppliers to procure the necessary equipment.

By offering a low cost service on an economic, quarterly rental basis, coupled with the supply of the necessary equipment and access to engineering expertise, Coherent Research can solve the majority of its customers’ problems at a cost that is very small indeed in comparison to the size of the utility bills involved.


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