The central component of the Coherent Research Energy Management Solution is the Open Data Collection Server.

The server is designed to read data automatically from any type of metering device. It supports a wide variety of data communications systems including PSTN, GSM, IP, GPRS and low power radio. The data is stored in a centralised, secure database and can be kept indefinitely.

The metering data and M&T reports can be viewed by users at any time using a normal internet browser.

The reports can be sent periodically via email in a variety of electronic formats. Meters can be grouped in any manner that the user wishes and reports on groups can be sent by email to any number of email recipients. This aids devolution of energy management to the users responsible for the specific loads.

The server is fully scalable, addressing the needs of small users with limited numbers of meters and major organisations alike. The design of the server is completely open and extensible, so that support for new meters and new reports can be added easily when required.

The server also provides facilities to integrate seamlessly with third party software for applications such as energy management, asset management and billing systems.

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